Vikings named to 2014 SAA Spring Honor Roll

Vikings named to 2014 SAA Spring Honor Roll
ATLANTA -- The Southern Athletic Association announced its Student-Athlete Academic Honor Roll today for the 2014 spring term and a total of 907 student-athletes made the list. Berry College had 98 student-athletes earn a spot on the honor roll.

To qualify, a student-athlete must maintain a minimum grade-point average of 3.25 for the term and be a regular member of a varsity athletic team in a sport sponsored by the conference.

The BC honorees are:

Name, Team

Joey Bell, Baseball

Casey Coats, Baseball

Russell Maddrey, Baseball

Caleb McCreary, Baseball

Will Heard, Baseball

Braxton Teal, Baseball

Lee McCloud, M Basketball

Hunter Smoak, M Basketball

Marissa Ivey, W Basketball

Savannah Jordan, W Basketball

Mel McLean, W Basketball

Valerie McClure, W Basketball

Elizabeth Pratt, W Basketball

Chanlir Segarra, W Basketball

Maggie Trimble, W Basketball

Megan Walsh, W Basketball

Alex Elmore, M Golf

Ty Hampel, M Golf,

Tommy McCloskey, M Golf

Peter Pappas, M Golf

Jacob Paquet, M Golf

Tyler Shepard, M Golf

Kile Williams, M Golf  

Nikki Cline, W Golf

Jessica Gross, W Golf

Rachel Rebne, W Golf

Lauren Van Streain, W Golf

Sydney Weaver, W Golf

Nicole Wood, W Golf

Jordan Boreman, M Lacrosse

Jack Chase, M Lacrosse

Michael Harper, M Lacrosse

Miller Hollstein, M Lacrosse

James Kurila, M Lacrosse

Nat Morey, M Lacrosse

Grant Phillips, M Lacrosse

Maxwell Smerka, M Lacrosse

Nick Voso, M Lacrosse

Savannah Anderson, W Lacrosse

Clara Bissell, W Lacrosse

Kristan Dziurzynski,  W Lacrosse

Lizzy Jones, W Lacrosse

Kensey Lauber, W Lacrosse

Taylor Martin, W Lacrosse

Savannah McKenzie, W Lacrosse

Angelica Miller, W Lacrosse

Emily Richardson, W Lacrosse

Blair Shupenko, W Lacrosse

Sara Witten, W Lacrosse

Sarah Brown, Softball

Courtney Cauthen, Softball

Ally Claytor, Softball

Andrea Cole, Softball

Marie Collop, Softball

Allie Coronado, Softball

Abby Daniels, Softball

Allison DeBusk, Softball

Brittany Ferrell, Softball

Sarah Moore, Softball

Katie Rowland, Softball

Sara Vigue, Softball

Savanna Wooten, Softball

Trevor Bradley, M Swim & Dive

Joey Ellwanger, M Swim & Dive

Adam Jarrell, M Swim & Dive

Micah Levinson, M Swim & Dive

Graydon McCrite, M Swim & Dive

Tyler Wiseman, M Swim & Dive

Sofie De Wandel, W Swim & Dive

Katarina Jones, W Swim & Dive

Kaitlin O’Brien, W Swim & Dive

Rachel Sandoval, W Swim & Dive

Daniel Alligood, M Tennis

Inigo Flores, M Tennis

Max McDonald, M Tennis

Austinn Miller, M Tennis

Alexander Mitropoulos, M Tennis

Seth Taylor, M Tennis

Logan Yerby, M Tennis

Kaleigh Carpenter, W Tennis

Mary Cerny, W Tennis

Emma O’Reilly, W Tennis

Katherine Pugh, W Tennis

Caitlin Smith, W Tennis

Ebenezer Agaro, M Track & Field

Samuel Berendsen, M Track & Field

Brandon Davis, M Track & Field

Ryan James, M Track & Field

Zack Jordan, M Track & Field

Daniel Mushrush, M Track & Field

Hibah Abuhamdieh, W Track & Field

Charlotte Collins, W Track & Field

Rachel Dorris, W Track & Field

Danielle Ferro, W Track & Field

Nicole Fredette, W Track & Field

Kayla Heflin, W Track & Field

Leslie Stewart, W Track & Field

Annika Stryker, W Track & Field