Berry Win Over Benedictine Changed to 1-0

Blake Gwizdalski
Blake Gwizdalski

The NCAA has ruled that Berry's win over Benedictiine was changed to 1-0. Bery was leading on the scorebord, 9-0, midway through the second period. however, lightning delayed the game. The teams cleared the field and a later tornado watch came to Mount Berry.

At about 5:50, the teams agreed not to retake the field. Per the NCAA rule book, the two head coaches agreed not to reschedule and to award the win to Berry. 

On Wednesday, however, the NCAA ruled: 

Per the NCAA Statistics Manual, "If a forfeit is declared by the game official while a contest is in progress or a situation occurs that forces a premature end to the contest, all statistics (other than won-lost and coaches' records) are voided unless the contest has progressed to a "reasonable point of conclusion" (three quarters in men's lacrosse), in which case all statistics shall count and shall be reflected in all records."