Richards Memorial Gymnasium Renovation Complete

Richards Memorial Gymnasium Renovation Complete

Berry College has renovated the Roy Richards Memorial Gymnasium for Viking athletics. Click HERE for a slideshow of the new Richards Gymnasium. Click below for the final video update on the renovation.

A dramatic summer renovation has breathed new life into Roy Richards Memorial Gymnasium, allowing a structure originally built by students in the 1930s to enhance fitness opportunities on the Berry campus by complementing the exercise options available in the Cage Center. Highlights include a 4,200-square-foot strength and conditioning weight room and satellite training room built on the site of the old indoor pool, as well as locker rooms and office space for intercollegiate football, lacrosse and tennis. Other upgrades include a refurbished floor in the gymnasium, now used for intramurals and other group activities, a new floor in the dance lab, and refurbished offices for the Berry Outdoor Leadership Development (BOLD) program. Also, the intramural field closest to the building has been converted into a practice space for football and other sports.

General details about the upgrade:

-Offices for Berry College athletic teams

-Roughly a 4,000 square foot weight room

-Locker room, approximately 3,000 square feet

-Grass practice fields

-Indoor practice/training facility

See below for Assistant Coach Nate Masters and the final video installment:

See below for Coach Masters and the second video installment:


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